Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Dickensian Bleeding Obvious

The conflict between rebels and government forces across Syria will decide the fate of the nation, President Bashar al-Assad has warned. You don't say..... I wonder what other statements of the bleeding obvious he's going to come out with?

One Bradley Wiggins has won gold. I wonder when a potential Dickens character last won an Olympic gold?

Talking of Dickens, the nation's favourite Mr Pickwick (Boris the Performing Buffoon) was dangling by a wire yesterday. This guy could be our Prime Minister one day - if the electorate is as mad as I suspect it to be. I'd gladly have gotten him a rope, but not for freeing him....

Captions please!


  1. Boris appears to be semaphoring 'Z'. Maybe he requires a tug - he looks a bit of a tugger...

  2. I always said that Newcastle United's own Titus Bramble couldn't be a real person, and must be a character in a Dickens novel - Now he can be joined by Wiggo and his Dickensian sideboards!

    1. I am growing sideboards to dress up a Brunel at a forthcoming exhibition at a Ironbridge Gorge museum. When I was a young man I had sideburns but they seem reluctant to grow nowadays. The whole plan is flawed anyway: Brunel was little over 5' - 0" and I am 6' - 5"