Friday, 24 August 2012

Sun Implodes

So that guardian of the nation's morals, the Sun 'newspaper', has published the pictures of Harry cavorting in the US under the pretence of the public interest. More like self-interest. Nasty, grubby little rag for prurient chavs. You can't help but detest Rupert Murdoch, can you? 

It's easy to tell that the closure of Murdoch's News of the World was just a PR exercise from which nothing was learned - even the journalists were re-employed at the Sun. There are large parts of Liverpool where newsagents still won't stock the Sun following the offensive drivel it published after the Hillsborough disaster.

There are many reasons to publish the photos, not least of which is the fact they are readily available all over the internet, but to use 'the public interest' as a justifiable smokescreen is laughable and disingenuous in the extreme. A wad of crinklies is the real reason.

As for Harry, as a friend of mine said yesterday, you've got to have some sympathy for the boy; he comes from a broken home, his family live on state benefits, he grew up on estates and spent time in institutions. Despite that, he's the most human of the lot, displays typical human frailties and I can't help but like him. I did worse in my youth, but pictures of me in Singapore weren't worth ten grand as they had absolutely no chance of boosting a newspaper's circulation.


  1. I'll give you a fiver for them Mr Chairman....

  2. Apparently, it's about 'freedom of the press'.

    My arse! (or should that be Harry's arse?)

    What mystifies me is why anyone is so interested in looking at a naked drunk bloke anyway?