Saturday, 25 August 2012

Double Standards

Some are saying that had the Las Vegas photos been of Dave Cameron, then everyone would have been clamouring for them to be published, thus exhibiting double standards.

Too true!

The difference, however, is that Harry was born into the role, had no choice in the matter and has zero influence in the overall scheme of things - he certainly doesn't lecture us as to how we should behave. Dave, on the other hand, actively sought his role in public life, has a lot of power and influence and is constantly controlling our lives and telling us what we should do. There's a world of difference.

Royalty never have been a model of propriety - one of Harry's ancestors even created a new religion so he could have his way with his mistress. They're a rallying point, a symbol, a flag, a totem. But they're also human and we must not forget that.

The real public interest is finding out who took and sold the photos of Harry and betrayed his trust. Not one media organ seems to be even vaguely interested in this bit of public interest, especially the Sun, given it has been crowing about security breaches as justification for printing the pictures? I smell a big, double standard, centre-page, media rat.

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