Monday, 19 August 2013

Automatically Exploring Swag

Overheard while driving to Gloucester:

Chairman: "I simply refuse to drive a manual car on the continent - too much to concentrate on. Has to be an automatic."

Hay: "But after a couple of days in a manual it becomes automatic."

Chairman: "Then why not start off in an automatic - saves time?"

This weekend Hay and I decided to do a little exploring of our environs - Devizes on Saturday (a veritable dump, just glad Marlbrough was a little further down the road) and Gloucester (a hideous place, ravaged by 60s and 70s civic planning and a mere shadow of what it could be - not impressed by the dock area either).

We were musing over where the image of the cartoon, comedy burglar came from - you know the one, stripped jumper, flat cap, black eye mask and a bag with 'Swag' written over it. Contributions welcome.

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