Saturday, 24 August 2013

Hotel Art & German Autobahns

Have you ever noticed how cheap, vacuous, totally meaningless and purely decorative art flourishes in hotels? 

Yesterday I had my first experience of German autobahn driving. Two lanes only, frequent pit-stops (in the manner of the ones you get on the A30 in Cornwall and Devon), wonderful motorway cafes - not like the hideous places we have on our major arteries - and no speed cameras at road-works, or indeed anywhere. Our motorway people could learn a lot from the Germans, instead they are perversely obsessed with control.

My only bad experience was being trapped behind some bloody Brit towing a clapped out wobble box who refused to withdraw from the fast lane for 20 minutes on the drive from Hamburg to Berlin.

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  1. The other good thing that keeps German two lane motorways clear is the banning of goods vehicles from the right hand lane. Sometimes this is a permanent ban and sometimes it relates to time of day.