Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Bloody Health Supplement Rip-Off

Seen it all now!

The 5:2 diet means actually fasting on 2 days of the week - not filling your guts with bloody dieting supplements. Talk about creating a market where it's not needed! These LifePlan health supplement people are true bastards and epitomise the rip-off health supplement market.

If you must eat something on your fasting days, it's recommended to eat a 100% plant based product - we experts call it a salad. There's nothing you can take into your body that promotes weight loss, except enteric disease bacteria or a liposuction probe.


  1. What makes me laugh is if everyone stuck to eating a balance meal three times a day and exercise regularly full stop. No one would need any of these diet companies, fitness gyms, slimming books or produces. We would all be super fit and healthier with money in our pockets to spend on other things. There lots of people making lots of money because some people see healthier living as a quick fix instead of a way of living. Guess they see dieting out of a bottle as a way of having your cake and eating lots of them plus many other goodies too.

  2. £9.99 for a green cardboard pill?!@! ... It probably promotes weight loss because once you've spent all your cash on this crap you can't afford proper food.

  3. Is not the rip-off the diet plan in the first place? Is there any evidence that starving on two days a week has any benefits over eating a little less for seven days?

  4. Alan, actually, yes. It's the shock to the body.

    Additionally, it's easier to stick to this than a regime of 7 day intake reduction.