Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Man Looking

When I had to reset the router to factory settings the other day, it also reset the security, meaning I had to find the PIN than came with it.

I couldn't find it anywhere, but finally found a reference to it in a file on my laptop.

Just this morning I noticed a couple of stickers on my laptop - yes, you guessed it, they were all the necessary passwords and PINs. It's strange how things that are in front of you eyes day after day just become invisible. Well, they do if you're a bloke - Hay calls it man looking.

You know, I'd take these anti-fracking protesters a bit more seriously if they didn't look and behave like the usual bunch of kooks and clowns who simply refuse to listen to facts. Saw one woman on TV claiming she's experienced earth tremors where drilling hadn't even started yet.


  1. Wonders what she had been doing if the " earth shook for her"

    Perhaps she had found some of them magic mushrooms out in that there field !

  2. I guess they are a bunch of 'not in my back yard'. And if it wasn't, they would be watch it on the TV complaining about how police were claiming lots of overtime.