Sunday, 11 August 2013

Tracking & Tracing

I have noticed that whenever I reset my broadband router, my notional location (according to the hit counter on here) changes alarmingly.

On Friday, for example, I was in Glasgow, yesterday I was in Oswestry and today I'm in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

It seems that as interconnections of the Interweb proliferate, you are no longer where you think you are. All you can say with reasonable safety is which national boundary you're within. You can literally pop-up anywhere within that.

So much for surveillance. I'll have to rely on GPS and CCTV cameras.


  1. It is not you that moves around, it is the world that moves around you.

  2. Holy shit Alan, Don't say that he has been thinking he was the center of the universe since school days ! The slightest confirmation of that will go directly to his head !

  3. Can it tell you that I'm outside your window...just to the left there....can you see me?

    Just checkin' up on ya....:))