Wednesday, 14 August 2013

What's in a Beardy Name

A judge in the US has banned a couple from calling their child Messiah, as he believes there is only one Messiah. So much for the second coming. I guess the judge in question has a bit of a Messiah complex.

I wonder if Muslims have a problem with kids called The Prophet, or Buddhists with kids called Buddha, or The Awakened One? Silly!

However, there is only one Darth Vader!

Broke one of those glass cafetiere thingies yesterday. We, and everyone I know, buys replacement caretieres from the local charity shops, so I wonder who buys the ones that feed the charity shop demand? Damned things don't last long enough for us to give any back to the charity shops.

Apropos of the hot topic of the week - Paxman's beard - I changed my face hair a week ago and now sport a moustache and goatee instead of the full set. This has given me an issue over shaving. With the full set the only thing I needed to do in the morning was to run a dry Bic razor under my chin (can't be bothered with all this soap nonsense). Now I need almost a full shave - and I detest shaving (hence the full set in the first place).

I was in search of an economical electric shaver that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg, or came with half a ton on recharging equipment - I travel abroad frequently. A friend jokingly suggested a wind-up razor (like those wind-up radios) - and hey presto, they are actually manufactured. I bought one on Amazon and will report back on efficacy once received.

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