Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Most Pointless Food Product?

Saw an advert for these last night.

Is there anything more pointless? 9 minutes in a microwave for 4 raw potatoes and you have 4 jacket potatoes anyway. You have to put these jobbies in a microwave for 5 minutes - so you're saving a massive 4 minutes (I'm being ironic).

At £1.65 (Ocado price, but more like £2 elsewhere) for 800g when you can buy a kilo of raw potatoes from Tesco for £1.25, you just have to be totally bonkers to buy these.

Facebook stories posted in users' feeds are being tagged as "[Satire]" in an apparent move to prevent them being mistaken for real news stories. They should also introduce a "[Woo-woo Pseudo-science]" tag as well, based on some of the garbage you see touted as miracle cures.

We were watching Michael Moseley's TV program last night on the health effects of red meat. One section contained an analysis by a German scientist and both Hay and I commented that there's something about science pronounced in a heavy German accent that makes it more compelling and authoritative.

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  1. Many years ago I spotted a more pointless product. (I wonder if it is still sold.) It was a bag of pancake mix that said 'simply add egg and milk.'