Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Midlothian Question for Heroes in Israel

Tian Tian comes out in favour of independence, says Edinburgh Zoo.

I do think the word hero is overused today. We were watching an item on the local news about an RFC pilot in WWI who took off from Cotswold Airport for his first posting in France (via Kent) and died when his aircraft crashed not far from where he took off. He was being hailed as a hero. A hero is the guy who was depicted last week on the docu-drama "Our War", who remained at his machine-gun post in the face of certain death so that his platoon could retreat. He won a posthumous VC.

When I look back to my late teens and early 20s, I thought I was both immortal and invincible - as any teenager or 20-something similarly does - the thought of death was just so far away as to be not even a possibility. I too would have been up for a war - against my later-middle-aged judgement. I don't, however, think that would have made me a hero.

The UK government has said; "What is clear now is that we have agreement that if the current ceasefire ends in Gaza, which we all hope it doesn't, and there was a resumption of significant hostilities, then there would be an immediate suspension of those arms export licences to Israel that give cause for concern."

A bit strange, considering Israel has abided by every cease-fire and Hamas has been the party to resume hostilities. One wonders who runs the UK government - the people, or Hamas (which the UK has listed as a terrorist organisation) and its lobbyists.

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