Thursday, 28 August 2014

Shrooming Time

Overheard while watching Young Vets:

Large Woman: "Dobbin will forever be in my heart."

Hay: "Looks like he already is - she's eaten him."

We've had a very large crop of mushrooms appear almost overnight around the roots of a dead weeping willow. Not going to harvest them, as I suspect they're not edible.

Can but hope a beefsteak mushroom appears on the trunk, but they are more usually found on oak.

Talking of mushrooms, I see a 9 year-old has accidentally killed her shooting instructor. Who in their right mind allows a 9 year-old anywhere near an Uzi? Some Americans are sick in the head.

What will all this ice bucket challenge stuff going on, I wonder who would be up for the circumcision challenge to support prostate cancer?

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