Saturday, 9 August 2014

Overheard in the Devon Combes

I had just exited a public loo on the harbour in Ilfracombe.

Chairman: "You don't want to go in there - it's disgusting; the seat has been ripped off, there's loo paper all over the floor and urine all over the place."

Hay: "I suppose it wasn't so bad before you went in there..."

We stayed in a lovely farm B&B near Lee Bay (Shaftsboro Farm). Lee Bay is the most magical place - a bit like Readymoney Cove in Fowey, but even better - and with free parking.

We also took in Woolacombe, (which is hideous, being crowded with holiday makers from the Midlands) and Ilfracombe (almost as hideous, but just your average, Victorian seaside town and all that entails).

I really can't understand why people want this (which was before the crowds started arriving):

Rather than this at Lee Bay (which is a mere 10 minutes away):

I guess I'm rather glad they don't. I suppose it's because Woolacombe has kids' theme parks, whereas Lee Bay can be a tad dangerous with all the rocks - but kids need to learn how to enjoy themselves (as opposed to having entertainment laid on for them) and stay out of danger. Also, Lee Bay has just one pub - although one where the landlord makes his own brew.

As we left Woolacombe the crowds started to arrive and the single road into the place was at a standstill for several miles. Yet, inexplicably, the people kept pouring in.

Not surprisingly, we returned to Lee Bay.

On the way home we called in at Lynmouth (quaint, but touristy), Porlock (quaint and filled with food emporiums) and Watchet (industrial and a bit of a nightmare I was glad to leave behind).

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