Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Name Those Band Members

Given there was absolutely bugger-all worth watching on regular TV last night, we resorted to the usual stand-by - Vintage TV and a programme called Classic British Soft Rock.

Now who can name the members of the following bands (a point for every correct answer - without cheating):

  1. Supertramp,
  2. The Eagles (except for Don Henley),
  3. Moody Blues (except for Justin Hayward),
  4. Roxy Music (except for Bryan Ferry and Brian Eno),
  5. The Small Faces (no, Rod Stewart was not a member - that was The Faces), 
  6. The Nice,
  7. The Average White Band,
  8. Dexys Midnight Runners (except for Kevin Rowland) - and yes, the missing apostrophe is how they spell it.
For additional points, who can honestly say they can understand what is being said in the songs by the following:

  1. Dexy's Midnight Runners,
  2. Manic Street Preachers.
Despite sterling resistance for the last 10 years, I fear we're going to have to subscribe to some cultural pay TV channels to stand any chance of receiving programmes other than those to do with other people's boring jobs, police patrolling the roads in cars, cooking or inane soaps. TV is now pandering to the lowest common denominator and being made on the cheap. Even the BBC is guilty of dropping its standards.

Going away for another holidayette, this time in Devon, so a small hiatus in output till Saturday.

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  1. Was Carl Palmer in The Nice? Or was it Keith Emerson?

    I don't know any of the others.