Thursday, 9 June 2016

Athenian Dinner

Apropos of yesterday's post concerning tattoos; surely, and in the interests of patriotism, those male Brits sporting Polynesian tribal tattoos should really have crude, woad tattoos of animals adorning their bodies, which are the tattoos the Romans found on the Britons?

Been seeing a lot of posts from the Brexit camp saying those who died in WWI and WWII would turn in their graves if they knew the UK was being ruled by Brussels. However, I think the analogy is more apt if put this way; leaving Europe is like a Dunkirk without D Day. Those who fought in both World Wars certainly weren't quitters. If the World's 5th largest economy (which it might not be if Scotland chooses to have another independence referendum and leave the UK to remain in Europe), which has been unaffected by the Greek bailout, can't provide a leadership role within Europe, then there's not much hope outside of it.

Went out for a meal last night with some of the UK delegation from our exhibition crowd and a couple of the ladies from our Greek office. In true Mediterranean fashion, we didn't sit down to eat till close to 10pm - a time I'm normally well asleep.

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