Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Ironic, Milky Phone Calls

I guess blokes with huge guts wearing football-type shirts emblazoned with the word Sportsman do not appreciate irony.

Was in a business meeting in Newcastle yesterday. Four of us were sat in my company's HQ meeting room when the teleconference phone suddenly rang. We all looked at each other with mild surprise on our faces and eventually one of us flicked the switch to see who could be calling us. After a second or two, a pre-recorded voice kicked into action and said; "We're calling you about your PPI refund...." 

I heard Nadine Dorries on the radio the other say saying the Remain campaign leaders were a bunch of posh boys who don't know the price of a pint of milk. I'm afraid I'm not a posh boy and I couldn't tell you the price of a container of milk (it comes in 1.136 litre plastic containers now Nadine - which is 2 pints), or the price per kilo of beef or the price of washing up liquid. I have my eye on the bigger picture, like the total cost of the weekly shop - and the vouchers, which make a big difference. I think that's the difference between the Leave and Remain camps - one focuses on a single item and makes an untoward fuss about that, whereas the other has the bigger picture in mind, like the entire economy.

I wonder why we still sell milk in multiples of pints rather than straight litres?

Driving home from Heathrow last night I heard a short broadcast from the Leave campaign and they are still using the discredited and false claim of £350m a week being sent to the EU. They obviously don't have their eye on the shopping basket at all.

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  1. Britain uses Pints and MPH etc because it still clings to the old idea of having standards to maintain and of being a superior country. Which is why it has never fully integrated with the EU.