Friday, 17 June 2016

Boom Phones

Out of respect for murdered politician, Jo Cox, a referendum debate in Bristol last  night was postponed. I wonder it the irony of the name of the venue was lost on the organisers - SS Great Britain.

At the Chipping Sodbury Yacht Club we have an annual fireworks event. I thought such an event might feasibly fall within the budget for the wedding in September (sadly not, as it turned out; the cost is between £800 and £1,500) and asked the organiser to give me the chap's contact details. He goes by the resplendent name of Sir Boom-Bang-a-Bang. Not his real name, of course.

In the overall scale of things, it's not that long between the end of WWII and the invention of the mobile phone. I wonder if, in 100 years time, there will be a film about WWII in which continuity get it wrong and the characters are all using mobiles to communicate. Similar historical howlers have been made previously.

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