Friday, 24 June 2016

Devon Cream Tea War Vapers

Had a Devon cream tea yesterday on St James Place in Ilfracombe, which was obviously the scene of the Great Ilfracombe Cream Tea Wars. The various scone barons had waged war on each other for decades until an uneasy peace was brought about whereby they decided to form a pricing cartel and all charge £3.50 for a pot of tea for one, a scone and some jam and clotted cream (£5.50 for 2 scones).

I've come to the conclusion that these vaping devices are dangerous. What with being on holiday, the beard it getting very hirsute and I trapped some lower lip hair in my vaper. Had to enlist the help of Hay to disentangle me.

The British - or rather English and Welsh - electorate has just perpetrated a massive act of political vandalism through not really understanding the issues and listening to demagogues. The upside is we can get duty-free now when we travel to the continent - wow! That's in exchange for the pound dropping through the floor, foreign debt increasing by between 10-15%, austerity getting worse, probably inflation and a consequent interest rises to keep inflation under control. There's also the prospect of a rush by immigrants to get here before we pull up the drawbridge. Happy days! Almost makes me wish for a benevolent dictatorship.

I wonder if we can keep the Poles and deport UKIP? If a general election is called, the job will be a poisoned chalice. It will be interesting to see Boris' reaction - I can't see him calling for a leadership election just yet, as hit would hit him hard to preside over chaos. I'll bet a pound to a pinch of poo that the Daily Mail will shortly turn on the Brexiteers and the media will coin a new term, "Brexit regret".

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