Monday, 20 June 2016

Triple Jump Veto

Overheard while watching The Secret Lives of Kittens:

Hay: "When I transport Kitty I always put something in her cage that smell of home."

Chairman: "A pair of my jocks?"

Wandering round Ilfracombe yesterday we came across some commemorative thing for Jonathan Edwards' triple jump record. Not sure why it's in Ilfracombe, as he was born in Windsor. What I can't understand is how the triple jump evolved. Long jump, high jump, even the pole vault must have originated in the real world need to get over an obstacle, but the triple jump? It couldn't be for getting across a boulder-strewn river - too slippery. Why a hop, a skip and a jump - why not 4 or 5 hops? Senseless.

In his interview last night, Cameron would not be drawn into saying he'd veto Turkey's accession to the EU. The great unwashed simply can't understand why not, but they're not diplomats operating within grey areas to achieve an objective. As the Prime Minister of the UK, there are certain things Cameron simply cannot say publicly, especially when the EU is relying on Turkey's co-operation with regard to the problem with Syrian refugees. The carrot has to be dangled, not snatched away because the politically illiterate can't understand diplomacy.

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