Thursday, 2 June 2016

British Politics

I believe we're about to see UK politics undergo a fragmentation of unprecedented scale. The two larges parties will simply implode following the Brexit vote and we'll end up with a myriad smaller parties, a bit like exist on the continent. This might just lead to no single party being able form a majority government on its own and a call for proportional representation.

The irony is that the LibDems, led by Wossisname (he's conspicuously invisible in all this, as in everything else), as the party who are least split over the EU, may well end up being the largest single political party. In fact, I'd quite happily put 20 quid on the LibDems forming the next government with someone else as the junior partner and possibly legislating for PropRep (although, or course, it wouldn't necessarily be in their interests if they did become the largest party).

2nd of June and the underfloor heating kicked in last night.


  1. You paint a nightmare senario. Coalitions and the backroom bargaining are what nobody votes for.

  2. Proportional Representation is by far the fairest route of electing politicians, the downside is it actually takes longer before the final result is known.
    Similarly a coalition government is also the best route to take for it removes the the dictatorial policies of the extremists, whether they be left or right wing.
    The adjustment for the electorate to stretch their minds and accept the change is what will take time. I think a lot of them are stuck with the status quo mind set, though I may be wrong :)

    1. I agree entirely, but what are your thoughts about a possible paradigm shift in British politics as fallout from the referendum?

  3. The shift in British politics has been coming for a long time, the referendum is not the cause. What it has done though is provide a catalyst for change.

  4. If I were not forbidden from gambling I'd take your £20 bet there. Much as it would be hilarious, I don't see that as happening. But we'll see, won't we... ;)