Sunday, 10 September 2017

Blue Cheese Ice-Cream Knives

It was our 1st wedding anniversary yesterday, so Hay took me to Ludlow for the Ludlow Food Festival, where I got the latest 'must have' festival wrist band that I have to keep wearing for many weeks, just to show all my acquaintances that I've been there...

Inside the festival grounds, a cup of tea, served in a steampunk jam jar by a top-knotted hispter, was £2.80, whereas the tea from the owner of the burger van outside the grounds was £0.80 and infinitely superior.

There were various 'trails' at the festival - the beer trail, the sausage trail, etc. Wherever we went we found queues of people (at least 100 per queue) lining up for a sausage in a bun, for which they probably paid a pretty penny. The bloke in the burger van did exactly the same sausage in a bun for £1.50, and you didn't have to stand in an interminable queue with 99 other people.

Hay was persuaded to part with £39 for a bottle of artisan gin, which I thought a bit on the high side; however, I do have to admit it was the closest in taste to a genuine Dutch gin I've tasted in the UK - it's the coriander that does it. 

I also parted with £20 for a book on knives, the author of which was giving a talk on with an absolute passion that was infectious. 

We stayed at Downton Old Lodge, way in the back of beyond. A very nice converted set of barn buildings.

Didn't stay for the £60 a head tasting menu, as we thought that a bit steep. Instead we went to the Riverside Inn at Aymestrey for an excellent meal for £100, including wine and tip, where as a dessert I chose blue cheese ice-cream with sliced pear and caramelised walnuts. It worked! Going to make that for our Christmas meal for the extended family.

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