Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Waitrose Selfies

This monkey selfie and the copyright issue - a silly court action:
  1. The camera was stolen,
  2. Pointless giving the monkey copyright - it has no concept of money as a medium of exchange,
  3. Aligned to 2 above, it has no pockets for cash and can't open a bank account,
  4. Perhaps it wanted to forge the photographer's name on the photo and cash in on his fame,
Silliness aside, PETA, the animal rights charity that brought this action should be censured for misusing funds in this way.

Anyone know what Waitrose loyalty cards are for? With Tesco loyalty cards I receive vouchers every so often, but despite having God knows how many Waitrose points, I never, ever hear from them. Perhaps they run out at the end of every month - after all, I only visit Waitrose once in a blue moon.

1 comment:

  1. I get Waitrose vouchers through the post every now and again (I'd assumed that's as a result of swiping my Waitrose card?) - maybe you need to register on their WEB site or something?