Saturday, 9 September 2017

Mutt Piling

Overheard while our neighbour, Colin, was speaking to Railtrack contractors when complaining about the intense noise at night from piling works for the electrification of the Paddington main line:

Colin: "Why do you have to do this electrification piling work in the middle of the night and keep us all awake?"

Contractor: "Because there are trains on the track during the day."

Colin: "The rail line was closed weeks ago - there hasn't been a train on the track for weeks. In fact, Bristol Parkway station has been closed since the 2nd and all trains are diverted around us. I'd have thought you lot and Railtrack would at least speak to each other!"

They're having problems with the piling work, which shakes all our houses when it occurs (which is invariably at 3am) - the piles are 7m tall and the contractors have hit solid rock at 3m.

My own suspicion about the piling work is that the contractors are working nights because it brings them more money.

Cockapoo - isn't that what years ago we'd have called a mutt?

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