Monday, 25 September 2017


Fed up with paying an arm and a leg for Dolce Gusto covfefe pods (at current consumption levels I'm spending about £37 a month), I decided to take advantage of a Nescafe offer I was alerted to by, Roger, a regular reader. 

For the princely sum of £19 and 11 monthly payments of £18 (the lowest option), I can avail myself of a new Essenza Mini covfefe machine and 60 Nespresso pods a month. Now, given our consumption of covfefe pods is higher than 60 a month (we must average out at about 5 a day), we can top up with Lidl or Aldi pods, switching over to them exclusively once the year is out.

Having taken delivery of the machine and our first consignment of assorted Nespresso pods, I have to say that some of the flavours are divine - the vanilla one is particularly yummy.

Yes, I know it's more expensive than using a cafetiere, but the quality is consistent and it's so much less faffing about. I use far less water and power, for a start, plus there's less washing up afterwards, again saving on water, power and washing up liquid. Also, I simply refuse to drink reheated covfefe - it's not good for you.


  1. What are these coffee pods made of ?

    1. The Nescafe ones are recyclable aluminium and the Aldi/Lidl ones recyclable plastic. Relatively easy to save the used pods and decant the contents every so often.

    2. You can get a bag from Nespresso and they will collect the used pods when they deliver or you can take them to drop off points.