Thursday, 14 September 2017

Mystery Portrait

Been trying to establish the identity of this chap, whose portrait hangs in the hotel we've been staying at in Porlock. There's no writing to suggest who he is, unless it's on the reverse of the portrait. None of the staff have the vaguest idea who he is either.

Now, while it's not certain what colour epaulettes he's wearing (could be gold or silver - it's quite dirty), he does seem to be dressed in the uniform of a French Marshal at the time of the Napoleonic Wars, complete with the red ribbon of the Legion of Honour. The epaulettes should be gold.

Here are a few clues.

Around his neck is what looks like the Prussian Order of the Red Eagle, but with the ribbon colours reversed, and on his left breast is the Prussian Order of the Black Eagle. I've been through the recipients of these and suspect he's Jaques MacDonald. However, I'm at a loss to understand why A Frenchman is wearing Prussian Orders.

While we were out in Lynmouth and Lynton yesterday, one of those monkeys that nick cameras and take selfies had a go with my phone camera.

Managed to wrestle it back though....


  1. A few oddities with that portrait is his sash goes from left shoulder to the right side and apart from UK Royals, it is generally worn from right to left.
    Majority of French Marshals have the inner side of the sleeves decorated and wear a powdered wig too.
    So unable to help.

    1. I've changed my mind - the star at end of the sash is yet another Order of the Eagle star. Also, the epaulettes are definitely silver - that combined with the length of the tassels indicates German Imperial Army (aka Prussian) general.

      Powdered wigs went out long before this portrait.

      The search continues.