Monday, 4 September 2017

Breeching Data

Been getting incessant calls from Vodafone about a bill that was over the standard monthly direct debit - it was one of my sons' phones, and he'd asked for more data and paid the £10 a month extra to get it. Finally acquiesced to speaking to an operative and was pleased to discover there was a cheaper way of giving him even more data.

While I was on the phone to them I asked if my mobile plan could be better arranged, as I'm not getting my bill refunded by work anymore. I was delighted to find I could go from 24GB of data to 60GB and pay £3 a month less than I was paying. Not a clue, however, what I'm going to do with 60GB of data when I'm lucky to even use 3GB a month.

Data is becoming as cheap as chips.

John Lewis customers are getting their knickers in a twist over genderless clothes labelling for kids. It's just the labels, mind you. They've obviously cann't remember the term 'unisex' from the '70s, or the term 'breeching' from an earlier age, where boys wore dresses till anywhere between the ages of 3 and 8 - and that wasn't just a labelling issue.

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