Friday, 14 September 2018

Daft Punk in Hong Kong

Well, the leathers and backup helmet I bought have arrived. Yellow helmet still in transit from Hong Kong.

Is it Daft Punk or the full-on Power Ranger? Please keep your opinions to yourself.

I have my eye on a nice pair of yellow and black boots on eBay, but the auction still has 4 days to run. I do, however, have alternative footwear that's suitable for a bike till then.

I was trapped inside the helmet for some 5 minutes before I realised than the release mechanism for the chinstrap was a red tag that you pull on and not the more usual snap-clip. They don't half make helmets complicated these days. The helmet is one of those flip-front jobbies with a sun shield that you can flip up and down while riding - very innovative compared to what I've worn in the past, although that was some 10 years ago when I had my Honda VT600 Shadow.

It's a pity they don't make varifocal, prescription visors... Doubtless they will - eventually.

Bought a waterproof rucksack on eBay last night - having first checked that the location of the seller is in the UK. However, I was a tad suspicious about how it could take 6 days to send a package within the UK, so I clicked on the seller and discovered he (or she) is actually in Hong Hong. Seems seller are now faking their location. Might report the seller to eBay - it's just not on. There again, it was the only waterproof rucksack on both eBay and Amazon that came in the right colour, had a waist strap, was large enough to contain a change of clothes and didn't cost an arm and a leg. Accessories specifically for bikes are simply a rip-off. What's the betting that when it arrives I find out it's not waterproof?

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