Sunday 3 December 2023

Electric Car Solution

I've come up with a solution to the charging issue with electric vehicles - use fairground bumper cars.

An arterial network of electrified roads could be created, with the current entering the cars from a long pole that attaches to a 'ceiling' and exiting through the metal road. No need to worry about charging, as the current is always on.

Accidents would become enjoyable as cars bump into each other, but you might need a neck brace. Even kids could drive them, meaning they can get to school themselves.

The power could be DC too, resulting in additional safety and cheaper, long distance transmission. As for price, bumper cars for fairgrounds certainly don't cost anywhere near as much as standard EVs.

Getting from the arterial roads to small, residential roads could be achieved by incorporating a small lawnmower engine to create a hybrid. Bit noisey, but what the hell - it would be fun.

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