Wednesday 6 December 2023

Non-Orientable Surfaces

 I wanted to make a ceramic Mobius Strip in Hay's sister's pottery class. Here's an example.

Now a Mobius Strip (and a Klein Bottle) are what are called non-orientable surfaces and, while they can exist at the chemical or molecular level, they have never been observed at the macro level in nature and simply aren't viable. Think about it for a while and it will become obvious why.

Here is my first attempt (plus another tea light house).

Took me two hours. The Mobius is difficult, as you need to clay to dry somewhat so it's self-supporting, but not too much that you can no longer smooth it. It's made from raku clay, which has some grit in it.

Not sure whether to raku glaze the Mobius or do it in a crackle cream.

Both require drying, firing, glazing and then re-firing.  God alone knows when they'll be ready.

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