Friday, 23 October 2009

Get Your Xmas Presents Now!

Didn't manage to watch the Question Time on TV last night as it was on an hour and a half after my bedtime. Will catch it on iPlayer tomight though. Trawling through the newspaper headlines shows Griffin as not having done much for his image, but looking at the reader comments on the newspapers and the BBC website comments suggest a large majority think it was a charade with Nick Griffin being treated to the ad-hominem attacks favoured by those with no counter-argument and a desire to simply shut him up.

I particularly like this comment from a reader of The Times:

“Well, I've thought long and hard about this and, in spite of his state of denial and his slipping and sliding, I still think that, in the interests of impartiality, it was right and proper to allow Jack Straw on to Question Time.”

Ordered a book from Amazon last night. This morning I received notification that it had been despatched – by Royal Mail. Won’t be seeing that in a hurry then.

Hay has found me the perfect Christmas gift – a Gentleman’s Willy Care Kit – just what every discerning gentleman needs.

Or how about the Gentleman’s Ball Scratcher (below)?

Here are some of the reviews of the Ball Scratcher:

“I had always found the standard 'hands on' approach to be fairly successful, but this product offers a little more. The long handle really facilitates access to those awkward areas and the cold metal can be quite stimulating. Fortunately the makers have gone to the trouble of fashioning a distinctly feminine hand, so the homophobic have nothing to fear from this product.

“PS. Following a rather unfortunate incident at a party, I would advise against leaving it in the kitchen after use (especially on a sweltering summer's day). It would have taken a braver man than myself to disabuse thirty-or-so guests of the notion that they had been using a rather trendy 'cocktail stirrer.”

“I've been using the ball scratcher for almost a day now, but have to say that it should be used with care. It seems to have upset several of the people whose balls I've tried to scratch with it. Maybe it's best kept for personal use.”

On holiday next week, so I may be a bit sporadic.


  1. I caught the end of Question Time last night and think that the choice of other guests put Nick Griffin in his place. Jack Straw was put in no better light IMHO but see what you think.

    Loved the feedback on the Ball Scratcher. Could lead to some amusing (and potentially dangerous) situations if owned by a woman. "Here... allow me..."

  2. Turned that programme off after 10 minutes. It was full of people from the audience who rant and raved and kept repeating themselves. But it was the humourless Bonnie Greer that really made me switch off. xxxx

  3. Kabbalah: Ouch!

    Jenny: I shall reserve judgement till I see it. However, I am somwhat amused that 6 peaceful anti-fascist protesters were arrested and worried that 3 policemen were injured.

  4. I'm sure he'll be a bloody martyr now in some quarters; he had some really wacky ideas about biology (race) and history, easily torn apart, shame no one else on the panel had the apparent intellect to do that, they all seemed more interested in scoring points for their own sides.

  5. Steve: That's all very well, but what about the ball scratcher. Should I invest in a pallet of the things?

  6. Willy Care, can you get that on National Health?

    I hope none of your guests read this blog and realise they may have been using (presumably unsterilised) a ball scratcher to stir their cocktails.


  7. Such great gift ideas, I wonder if Nick Griffin would like one for Christmas?

  8. I love the warning of sporadic-ness...but scary if we're meant to take it that you're stable now :)

  9. AG: One would hope so!

    Kerrie: He needs a shit deflector.

    Braja: There's always hope.

  10. re. Ball scratchers, I'm in, but for us geeks it'll need to have programmable vibration settings (ideally via an iPhone application)... oh, and blue-tooth..