Thursday, 22 October 2009

A Strike At Right Wing Wine

My younger daughter has a problem when drinking red wine – it stains her teeth purple. I have a suspicion this is caused by her once having used one of those chemical stain removers for whitening teeth, which has probably had the side effect of making them porous.

Here’s a tip from The Chairman’s store of folk remedies; after each sip of red wine drink a bottle of white. Not sure if it will work, but it should make your wine drinking much more enjoyable.

I’m led to believe that models overcome this problem by drinking red wine with a straw. No wonder they always carry straws with them – and here was me thinking they were for Coke.

It strikes me of late that the anti-free-speech forces of political correctness and censorship are orchestrating an ill advised witch-hunt against the British National Party. I made an effort to have a look at their website last night and was astonished that there’s very little in their policies I can vehemently disagree with. My only problem is whether, given their history as the openly Nazi National Front, I can trust them once in power; but there again I have a problem of trust with smarmy, self-serving, fat-cat politicians of every hue who, once in parliament, seem rather prone to become subverted by the temptation to feather their own nests and lie through their teeth.

The BNP’s leader, Nick Griffin, is on a TV debate tonight – the prospect of which is causing some politicians’ arses to twitch like a bunny’s nose and they are desperately trying to prevent the BBC from giving Griffin a platform. I, for one, will be very interested to see how the Conservative, Liberal and Labour luminaries on the panel react to the debate and the uncomfortable issues the BNP is airing - and the three larger parties seem to ignore at their peril.

Whatever his views (some of which I have issue with), you have to admit that Nick Griffin is a skilled and articulate operator who has single-handedly transformed a lunatic fringe activist group into something the other parties fear and want gagged. Many member of the traditional parties merely pay lip-service to the politically correct agenda in furtherance of their careers, while privately holding some pretty abhorrent views that are more extreme than even Nick Griffin’s – but that’s politics the world over.

I find it laughably ironic that while Griffin stands on a platform advocating free speech, the anti-fascist lobby wants to suppress his right to free speech.

The UK postal workers have gone on strike. Union bosses are using the excuse that the government and the management want them to go on strike so as to be able to privatise the Royal Mail. So what do the union bosses do? They go on strike. That’s either sheer lunacy or an illogical argument.

Actually, it's both.


  1. "Whatever his views (some of which I have issue with), you have to admit that Nick Griffin is a skilled and articulate operator" .... is this another of your famous jokes Chairman?

  2. Alan: Have you heard him speak - when he gets a chance?

  3. I think white wine is the answer.

    I am quite interested in watching question time. Something I would never normally do. So I bet they will be getting good viewing figures tonight. Especially seeing as Nick Griffin once said this..
    "I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that six million Jews were gassed and cremated and turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the Earth was flat... the 'extermination' tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter witch-hysteria."

    This seams like a very dangerous party in disguise to me.

    Several Postmen have been sighted in our town today and informed me they would also be working tomorrow despite what they are told. Horay for free will.

  4. Kerrie: So,

    1) He's ignorant of the facts of history and
    2) He's deluded.

    That puts him in firmly in the political arena.

    George Bush spoke to God on a daily basis, but that didn't stop him becoming President. In fact it positively contributed to his election!

  5. PS - isn't Nick Griffin fab in Holby City?

  6. I know someone who had his teeth whitenined at a dentist office and now they stain purple with some red wines. But I prefer red wine so much to white, that I'm taking my chances.

    Here via Braja, by the way. I decided I'd pay a vist to the bloggers who didn't buy inot the atheists are idiots argument.

  7. I would like to know why some red wine turns your tongue purple, thanks.

    Although I am extremely leery of the BNP, I do think it makes a mockery of free speech laws/ideals to not let them have their say. Particularly if it's a forum like "Ask Any Questions." (not sure if that is the correct title, but you know what I mean)

  8. OK I have now heard him speak and in no way is he either a skilled speaker nor is he particularly articulate. To say that he is ignorant and deluded and that therefore puts him into the political arena seems to be merely jumping on this rather unpleasant current bandwagon which views all politicians as being self-serving cheats. Such Daily Mail attitudes are easy to digest but carry the intellectual sustenance of unsalted porridge.

  9. Alan: I didn't see the programme as it was an hour and a half after my bedtime. I do intend to watch it tonight on iPlayer.

    I based my judgement on having heard him speak previously and totally demolishing the arguments put against him in a very articulate manner. I also based it on the fact he single-handedly wrested the NF away from Tyndall and making it electable.

    Yes, not all politicians are currupt, but the actions of many has not done much to improve their reputation overall. I am guitly as charged of generalisation, which I agree is a tad Daily Mail.

  10. PS - have you seen the Daily Mail's headline today? The words pot, kettle and black come to mind.

  11. I saw that Daily Mail headline (Friday); I just had to cut it out for posterity, it made my irony meter explode..