Sunday, 18 October 2009

Hypnotic Decimal Rabbi

A rabbi has been sacked after allowing protesters against the financial services industry to use his synagogue as a starting point for their march and showing his support for the protest. It is thought that he pissed off several of his flock who happened to be bankers. Mammon and God don’t sit as easy bedfellows, although they obviously do for some of this rabbi’s flock.

Remember the story from last week about the cat that was registered as a hypnotherapist? Well Hay and I have been having a bit of a problem with our internet connection; the router is in the Caravans’ house with a Wi-Fi extender pointed at the caravan about a hundred yards away. Usually we get an excellent connection, but of late it’s been rather poor and we’re now convinced that Cat has registered herself as a hypnotherapist and is hogging the bandwidth while handling her clients in the office up at the Caravans’ house.

24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute. What a ridiculous system. I think I’ll start a movement to have the decimal day reintroduced – 10 hours in a day, 100 minutes to an hour. Makes much more sense. One of the few sensible ideas the French had, although the Chinese used a decimal time system for several millennia.


  1. Oh please don't even think about changing the time to decimal. I've only just worked out how long a metre is...can you imagine how long it would take me to know intuitively how long an hour is? Why fix the clock if it ain't broke?

  2. Morning. Have no sympathy with that Rabbi. What did he really expect?

    I don't want to be like those awkward French. I remember learning how to tell the time as a kid - 5, 10, 15, 20 - it all fell into place. Don't let me start again xxx

  3. I'm already confused as to what time I should be getting up in the mornings.... Please don't complicate things more...

  4. Actually...the cat is God and He's messin' with you.....

  5. Can you ask the cat whether he does weight-loss therapy?! Or will he get too busy for his practice, when he's chasing all those mice the hay under the caravan is bound to attract?