Thursday, 8 October 2009

Pile Reversal, Cricket & Piracy

I’ve previously waxed lyrical (if you’ll forgive the depilatory pun) about beard pile reversal. Seems it has now spread to my bonce. Had a rather severe haircut a few weeks ago and I’ve gradually discovered that my natural parting has migrated from the left side of my head to the right. Having had rather long hair and a centre parting for a number of years it was not apparent thus far that a migration was underway.

Kenyan clans are presently rearming in anticipation of a 2012 political poll. Why can’t they just settle their differences over a game of cricket?

I heard on the news that some Somali pirates were captured after mistakenly attacking a French warship. These chaps obviously need some leadership and lessons in basic ship identification if they want to make piracy a career. I wonder if I should apply for the position.


  1. Do you mean a game of Crikkit?

  2. I saw 'cricket' in the title and hastened over! How could you disappoint me so much?!?!

  3. Louise: You are correct. How remiss of me.

    Roshni: Sorry to disappoint. Not like me at all.

  4. Chairman, re' scalp exposure...That's all good, it's when your midships parting migrates to both port and starboard that you have to be concerned. My parting seems to have slipped astern but luckily my brain holds phantom memories of hirsute abundance.
    Re' the pirates, just a guess, but in fairness maybe the accordian music, baguette fenders and overpowering aroma of garlic could have thrown them.

  5. Those Somali pirates surely must be front runners for this year's Darwin award?