Sunday, 4 October 2009

Dangerous Sports Club

Hay bought Perry a rollerball present for his 50th birthday, but he hadn't been able to take advantage of it till yesterday. They do two types; dry and wet - the latter involving the addition of 30 litres of water to the ball before take-off.

Seeing as the ball requires two people, he asked Hay if she'd like to come too - she jumped at the chance. Here's the result.

Perry has difficulty with the harness.

Lunchbox nicely strapped in.

Our intrepid rollerballers prepared for take-off.

The death contraption.

A view of the inside, from the outside.

A missed dive by Hay.

A helping hand.

A missed dive from Perry.

Ready for take-off.

Narrowly missing a passing car.

Disgorging rollerballer No.1

Followed by No.2


Align Centre
Shell praying to the gods for a sale delivery.

I have a video, but can't post it till I get it on YouTube, so look in again tomorrow.


  1. I feel sick just looking at the pictures.

  2. Alan: The videos are now on YouTube, but won't be posted till tomorrow.

  3. Brings a whole new meaning to "fancy a tumble?"

  4. Ooo you wouldn't want to get that harness wrong, would you?!
    Looking forward to the video!

  5. I'm not sure why this is anyone's idea of fun, but several of the picture made me laugh. Is the theory that the pain of being trapped in the rollerball lessens the pain of turning 50?

  6. Spiv: And to a rolling Perry gathers no Hay.

    Kabbalah: Perry did, several times.

    Bee: He's been engaging in a number of these activities - rollerballing, driving an F1 car at Silverstone, etc.

  7. Tell me they're strapped in inside when they do this...? Just making sure.

  8. Louise: Yes - hence the harnesses.

  9. Great post! What fun! Is that you in the last picture? Don't you look intellectual?

    Was rather relieved actualy. When you said Rollerball, I thought you meant like that film with James Caan xxx