Friday, 29 October 2010


Overheard in the caravan:

Chairman: “Are you going to put some brown sauce in the beef stew?”

Hay: “Certainly not. It tastes……”

Chairman: “Northern?”

Hay: “….of Accrington!”

Chairman: “I’ll have you know the Queen uses it – HP Sauce is by Royal Appointment.”

Hay: “Oh, so Mrs Queen uses it in her kitchen when she’s making a hotpot for the corgis, does she?”

Overheard in the supermarket car park:

(A tiny lady driving a Shogun Sport Warrior Destructo-thunder Intimidator was struggling to enter the traffic flow…..)

Hay: “Mmm – you just need one of those when you’re dropping Chloe and Ptolemy off at their school or dashing into M&S to buy cinnamon and gooseberry yoghurt with preserved badger spleens, as you never know when a rhino will come bowling out in front of you from behind a parked car.”

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