Friday, 22 October 2010

The French Plague

While selecting some logs for the wood burner yesterday I noticed a large pile of sawdust. One of the logs was riddled with woodworm – not exactly what I need with an oak framed house a few yards away from the log shed.

Hay said the woodworm would not be a problem as the oak is French and no self-respecting British woodworm would be seen dead eating French wood.

Excitable chaps, the French. Our government pushes up the retirement age and we have a moan about it over a cup of tea; the French start burning cars and engaging in suicide pacts with their unions. They used to call strikes the British disease – they have become the French plague.


  1. As they say... "kin French Bastardos !

    All i did was park my motorcycle outside the hotel in Marseille last night.. I came out this orning and it had been pushed over ( good job it was chained to a light post and alarmed ) Unfortunately it was on the opposite side that my dear lady wife had dropped it so that meant the fairing on both sides in now damaged.. To add insult to injury whilst picking it up I failed to check the position of the side stand.. you guessed it.. I went to lean it away from me and onto the stand which was not there so down it went again..... K 1200 BMW now has a trashed fairing,