Thursday, 14 October 2010

Smoking Bugs in Chile

It struck me yesterday that my father died aged 86 and my mother recently died aged 89. Both were inveterate smokers till very late in life. Let that be a salutary lesson to all you smokers out there – stop now else you too could be carried away at such a tragically young age. The strange thing is that they both passed away within a few years of giving up the weed.

The UK's critical infrastructure - such as power grids and emergency services - faces a "real and credible" threat of cyber attack, the head of GCHQ says. I suspect the main threat comes from the under 12s who, armed with nothing more offensive than a Facebook and Twitter account, have been targeting government workers and persuading them to post irrelevant comments about the minutiae of their boring and tawdry lives on social networking sites every five minutes, rather than actually doing any work. The threat is not considered to come from hostile governments, as their workers are probably every bit as incompetent as our own – if not more so.

I wonder if any of the Chilean miners were eaten by the rest. We’ll only know when they do the final count.

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  1. Don't worry CB, we'll have the movie of it all to watch soon, Jake Gyllengaal will play the mining crew leader and Alan Rickman the evil mine owner, who will (rather improbably) attempt to seduce his wife (played by Megan Fox) while he's down the hole. There will also be a dog called "chico" of course.