Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Rampant Excess

I hung my Swiss Tonis on the redundant curtain pole to dry over the wood burner (they're the ones I use for walking on water). Hay enquired if this was the Chairman’s coat of arms – supporters of Swiss Tonis rampant on a murrey bath towel field with a stovepipe sable.

We were in Cirencester over the weekend and I spotted this as an example of rampant excess – a rubber, designer washing up bowl for 60 quid (reduced to £44.96 in the sale).

Anyone who buys this needs their bumps feeling, surely? Here's another one in pink.

This example below seems adequately suited to the task in hand and is available for the princely sum of only £1.99.

However, having said that, what is the point of a plastic (or rubber) liner for a sink, which itself is specifically designed for washing things in?


  1. I'll take it ! I'll take it! Whats wrong with a pink rubber bowl eh? I see things in it that you don't.

    Sod it! Forgot what else I was going to say, never mind, hope you are well. xxx

  2. Washing up bowl in a perfectly good plug equipped kitchen sink - a strange Pomgolian quirk that has often baffled me...