Sunday, 24 October 2010

This 'n' That

The Yate town centre Christmas tree has been up for the last 3 or 4 weeks – I think it was erected before the end of September. We’ve not even had Halloween or Bonfire Night yet and the shops are already blaring out tacky Christmas songs.

Yesterday’s papers were all spouting envy dressed up as faux outrage over Rooney’s £50m 5 year deal with Manchester United. What they forget is that someone, somewhere has made the decision that it’s a financially viable investment that will make a return – it’s called market economics and it’s what makes the world go round – except in totalitarian regimes. I say to Rooney, “Well done, I wish I could do something worth £10m a year.”

I note that many, many months after vehement outrage that the local sub-Post Office franchise was to be withdrawn and the charge that the hub of the community would be forced to close as a consequence, it is still functioning very well as a local grocery shop.

Nick Clegg has apparently been searching his conscience over the government funding cuts made by the ConDem alliance. All I can say is that his conscience must be a very small place.


  1. Xmas started in my part of Rio on 14th Sept. That was when I saw the first shop with Xmasy stuff up. Disgusting!


  2. Our local card shop put out their Christmas cards during the third weekend in August.