Saturday, 28 April 2012

Elected Police Commissioners

If an elected Police Commissioner is the solution, then what's the problem he or she will be addressing, other than popularity? 

Popularity is not usually, in my mind, a solution to anything, except politics - and even then it has little to commend it.

Perhaps Police Commissioners should be elected via a TV game show that runs on Saturday evenings where auditions are held and the masses vote for their candidate's ability to dance, eat bugs and sing.

Ill-advised, is the word that spring to mind, especially when it has been demonstrated that we need a single, national police force, not 43, or however many we currently have.

In any case, what is a Police Commissioner going to be able to achieve that a Police Authority can't? Most applicants will be from former Police Authorities anyway.

£10bn is to be cut from the welfare budget; £10bn is to be handed to the IMF to prop up failing currencies. I know where I'd rather see the money used, and it ain't to prop up Greece and Portugal against all odds.


  1. I have to agree with you about elected Police Commissioners and the like - a waste of time and money.
    I have to disagree with you about the IMF Welfare thing - one is an interest bearing loan, the other would be expenditure.
    How's that for even-handedness.

  2. Alan: I would agree with you if it weren't for the fact no-one can afford to pay off the interest, let alone the capital. It has gone into a doomed investment.