Saturday, 21 April 2012

Volte Face in the Fridge

There's me thinking the Conservatives were all against handing money to feckless layabouts with no jobs, and then Osborne goes and hands the IMF £10bn of borrowed dosh to prop up the Euro in countries where it will never work.

In the world of the London Mayoral election we have a Labour supporter (Alan Sugar) telling Londoners not to vote for Ken and a Conservative supporter (Michael Portillo) telling them not to vote for Boris. It's not as if anyone is going to vote Liberal anyway.

Politics is a funny old world these days.

Ever noticed how some women guard the contents of the fridge as if it contained the crown jewels? Hay must have the damned thing wired for sound and movement - she can detect the slightest pilfering of snacks, no matter the time of day. I sometimes hanker for the days I could go into my fridge on the boat and snaffle whatever I wanted without anyone being the wiser.

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