Friday, 6 April 2012

The Real Meaning of Easter

The real meaning of Easter (or Eostre, as the Venerable Bede would have it):
  1. Hosepipe bans (what do people not understand about those 2 words?),
  2. Traffic jams as people escape the crush of the metropolis for the crush of the motorway,
  3. Airport congestion as people escape to be in faraway places with fellow work colleagues,
  4. A film on TV staring either Robert Powell or Charlton Heston,
  5. Some arsehole insisting you go on an Easter egg hunt.
I cooked a shepherd's pie last night. Managed to slip some brown sauce into it without Hay noticing. Use of brown sauce is tantamount to sacrilege as far as Hay is concerned, but shepherd's pie, cottage pie or Lancashire hotpot is just not the same without a large dollop of brown sauce.


  1. A jolly Happy Easter to all in the caravan (or have you moved into the new place yet?). May all your Easter Eggs be solid.

  2. Alan: Not till the autumn. And a Happy Easter to you too!