Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Panic Street Preachers

Overheard in the Caravan:

No.1 Son: "Dad, is it true that the news services reported the twin towers before it happened and they found traces of C4 in the debris?"

Chairman: "No - it's just a conspiracy theory - like Elvis is still alive..."

Hay: "...and the government is run by aliens."

Chairman: "Actually, that last one's true!"

Shopping guru, Mary Portas, is running a competition in which the winner will get a slice of a rejuvenation fund with which to revive their local high street. In essence, it's a competition in which the winners are shit.

I guess the secret will be a) not to appear so shit as to be a basket case, and b) not to let the public know your town won the "Shittiest High Street in the UK" competition.

Apparently the government wants to crack down on legal highs. Wonder what they'll do about alcohol?

Critics are still having a go at the government for causing a fuel panic. Methinks the critics (primarily the news media) are ignoring the critical role of the news media when they said; "Tanker Drivers to Go on Strike!" What a load of rubbish the media spouts - as if anyone listens to government minister anyway; we all know they lie through their teeth.

Can't wait for the Olympics to start...... and then finish as soon as possible.


  1. hey just to let you know both my husband and I didn't panic buy and carried on running our cars as usual. Yesterday I went and filled up my car for the first time and found an orderly short queue. Huh what was the fuss over, may I asked... I thought the question was the Tanker drivers may go on strikeBut then some poeple do seem to panic first and ask questions afterwards or is that blame everyone else afterwards... It wasn't me! attitude.

    1. A likely story indeed! Methinks thou doth protest too much, madam....

  2. Thanks Chairman Bill for put a smile on my face as always :-)