Friday, 13 April 2012

Zombie Attack in Holby

Heart bypass patients, double amputees, people afflicted by virulent viruses and hideously mangled car accident victims are being discharged from the nation's hospitals in their droves between the hours of dusk and dawn to roam around our cities and towns, dripping their infected blood and gore all over the place and dragging their drips behind them, like a bunch of refugees from a Michael Jackson video, or so the government would have us believe.

This is allegedly to free up beds for breast augmentation patients having new bags fitted at midnight, according to the Daily Mail Tendency.

Holby City overnight release patients

Alan Burnett - he of the mysterious sheep walking Instagram - quite rightly pointed out yesterday that the 'abuse' of the charity donation tax break results in vast amounts of tax money being channelled into charities that the rich donors support, with nary a by-your-leave from the tax paying public who rely on these taxes to fund public services.

He certainly has a point - but that applies equally to any gift aided charity donation, however small, by the hoi poloi, the volume of which I would imagine far outstrips the value from a few rich philanthropists.

The fact remains that the government is falsely portraying this 'abuse' as being to the benefit of the donors - but it simply ain't, unless the charity concerned is off-shore or the donors are themselves the charity.

It seems doing good is now frowned upon by the Conservatives, or at least some of them, by all accounts, and many charities - such as public schools - will suffer as a result. Just think of all those donkeys Alan is condemning to the glue factory, along with all the Boris Johnsons - heartless beast that he is!


  1. Ex Donkey Lover, Post Donkey Lover, And Proud. Get Over It.

  2. Of course! I'd missed the irony that this impacts all the Public Schools. No more Daves, no more George Osbornes, no more Harriet Harmans or Ed Ballses - actually, I quite like it now.

    1. But, but, no more Chairmen! The world would be a duller (but possibly safer) place....