Monday, 23 April 2012

Quantum Literacy in Bahrain

Overheard in the Caravan:

Hay: "Your tum-tum is starting to stick out."

Chairman: "Have you not considered that this state of affairs has only existed since your purchase of that bloody exercise bike you keep asking me to use?"

Hay: "But you haven't even used the exercise bike once yet!"

Chairman: "That's totally irrelevant. Have you never heard about quantum entanglement and the interconnectedness of all things? It's obviously a quantum phenomenon!"

Saw an item about literacy in The Sunday Times yesterday. It read: "At present, more than 26% of pupils fail to reach the national curriculum standard expected of an average 11 year-old." One suspects the writer of that sentence failed to reach the expected national curriculum standard for maths.... Think about it.... OK, if you still haven't twigged, think about the meaning of the word AVERAGE and the implication of that..... Still nothing? Oh, I give up!

Gutted the Bahrain F1 GP wasn't televised live yesterday - not the least bit interested in F1 anymore, but desperately wanted to watch the riots.

Fancy a really nice - but incredibly cheap - Tempranillo? Aldi have a beaut on at under 4 quid! Couldn't believe my taste buds when I tried it yesterday.


  1. dont agree with the average bit,, I think you don't read it proper like....
    this is the kettle calling black pans but the average 11 year old would be based on a previous records and this year 26% of this record fail to match.. idiot !

  2. OK clever clogs (Phil no doubt) - if only 26% are now reaching last year's average, explain to me how that is a drop in standards. It's a bloody vast improvement. Now who's the idiot?

  3. Under £4 quid! with the cost of the bottle, transport and overheads, not forgetting the ridiculous amounts of tax these days that means it's about 25p worth of wine, amazing!