Saturday, 20 October 2012

Flighty Stuff

Was perusing the duty free stuff in Malta airport yesterday before returning home and made a few observations:

  1. Swarovski are really into alchemy - they've found the secret of turning shit into gold.
  2. Looking at some of the women perusing the perfume counter, I think they should make a perfume called "Menopause" and target it at the businessman buying perfume for his mem-sahib. The marketing spiel could be: "Haven't had sex with the Mrs in years - decades even? Wife looking a bit dumpy and getting crotchety? Buy her Menopause and see her eyes light up!" Hay informs me there is such a perfume - apparently it's called Youth Dew...
  3. I noticed all the young ladies appear to be using multi-coloured wellies as a fashion statement.

RyanAir were flogging their branded lottery tickets on the plane. The bloke made an announcement that they were doing a 2 for 1 deal, whereby you get a free ticket with every ticket you purchase.

Now this 'offer' applies to all RyanAir flights - so do the maths. There are twice as many tickets in the lottery and you have twice the number you'd normally purchase (like everyone else who has bought one). Net gain is zero - you still have exactly the same chance of winning. Pointless and a waste of Michael O'Leary's paper - unless he's cynically targeting the dull of mind (which doesn't surprise me one bit, as there are so many of them waiting to be fleeced).

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