Monday, 22 October 2012

Where's the Beef for Police Commissioners

It's Monday, so I'm off to Scandahooliga and Holland for a few days.

Will leave you with this and a few associated thoughts:

  1. Is the British public really so thick that such a warning is necessary?
  2. Why on earth would you microwave a beef joint in the first place?
  3. Is this a way of telling the British housewife that she's both unintelligent and a shit cook?
Our voting registration cards for the vote on Police and Crime Commissioners arrived in the post on Saturday. Haven't the vaguest idea who is running for the job in our area - even the official website can't tell me who is standing until the 26th October, not that I'm really interested (bound to be another bloody politician - they're the only bastards who can afford to stand). 

Pure waste of time and a complete farce. We ripped up our cards and won't be bothering to vote. Asinine idea; it it ain't broke why spend millions trying to fix it.


  1. At the Conway Bash in 2009 they had "Contains Milk" on the little butter pat wrappers

  2. I wasn't interested in voting in this. However, today it was in our local news that one of the candidates is a member of the British Defence League (and was arrested at the weekend). How is that even allowed? I think perhaps I should vote if only to prevent a racist being in charge of our local police force.