Thursday, 25 October 2012


Why is it that when anyone gives someone tea of coffee, it's naturally assumed that, if they take sugar, only one spoonful will suffice.

Why has spoonful got only one l? Illogical!

Why was my colleague Bentzi frisked in Stockholm airport security by a woman, and I wasn't frisked at all?

I suspect the plane I took from Stockholm to Amsterdam yesterday evening was some form of football special; just as soon as the seatbelt lights went out, about half the blokes on the plane got up to queue for the 2 toilets at the back - they'd obviously been drinking a lot of something before boarding. Within 15 minutes of take-off the beers were being sold, with the result that the 'bladdertrorial' exhibition redoubled in effort and right until the last 30 minutes of the 2 hour flight the queue never got below 10 blokes. Have to say they were totally unlike British football supporters (if indeed that's what they were); not a single problem from them, despite the Viking blood (and alcohol) in their veins.


  1. Sugar can always be added, its much harder to take it away; the opposite of haircuts (as my barber reminds me with ever more urgency every year :)

    1. Very true - but I'm talking of sugar sachets. I always have to go back and ask for another.