Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Scottish Independence

Should Scotland get independence in a couple of years, will we see hordes of economic migrants flooding across the border? Will the Daily Mail rant against 'those Scots coming here and taking our jobs'?


  1. Start building Hadrian's wall up again! :)

  2. Thoosands of bloody Scots already take advantage of our English privileges!

    I used to live in Scotland and my son was born there. I loved it but some of the casual racism and bigotry against the English was a bit rough around the edges, and wasn't always meant to be funny...

    I believe that we should be a united British Isles, not split off into factions and in-fighting, separating off 'what's mine' and 'what's ours' when it comes to oil, which this whole petty struggle seems to be about.

    I'm not convinced about either the motives or the agenda of Salmond, and don't trust him.

    There's my two penn'orth. Off now to watch Downton where there's no in-fighting or class struggles...