Sunday, 14 October 2012

Work Experience in Art

No.1 Son has to do some work experience next year. He'd rather spend the time in school doing GCSE revision and unsurprisingly thinks this work experience thing is a waste of time. Given his aim in life is to enter medicine, I think a spell in a cafe learning how to wash dishes and prepare basic food might stand him in good stead for university life. Actually, the NHS do a lot for Year 10 work experience kids - perhaps he can sit in on a brain transplant...

Hobby horse time again.

A painting by Gerhard Richter called Abstraktes Bild, painted in 1994, was sold for £21m. It has has been described as a "masterpiece of calculated chaos". More like just plain old chaos on its own - there doesn't seem to be a scintilla of calculation in it, if you ask me - if there was, it wouldn't be chaos (duh!). Bollocky-speak...

Sotheby's called it a "paradigm of mature, artistic and philosophical achievement".  They don't half drag up some fatuous, pretentious crap when describing 'art', don't they? I call it Emperor's New Clothes Speak.

Here's one the artist did in 1966. It's called Two Shades of Grey Juxtaposed. Now that's what I call an accurate title and description, but I would hesitate to call it art; paint swatches, perhaps.


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